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Testing:one, two, three...

Testing - one, two, three... four, five

Testing, the often neglected partner to software development, received some much needed attention at the Assurity Forum earlier this year. Perhaps not surprisingly, 73 per cent of attendees said inadequate testing had cost their organisation ‘real money’ and a further 95 per cent said applications had suffered after release.*

At Endev, our rule of thumb is that a minimum of 30 per cent of the total project time should be devoted to testing. What’s more, it needs to be a mix of manual and automated testing. Both have advantages, but independent of each other they just don’t do the job.

While Automated Testing is well suited to stress testing, running multiple tests to tease out any performance issues and effectively running numerous scenarios, Manual Testing lets developers live and breathe use-ability. Like anything, unless you have gone through the process and put yourself in the seat of the user, the finer details that make an application mediocre or business savvy are harder to detect.

It may be the less exciting end of the project, but dedicating the right time, attention, focus and care to testing is the difference between an application that does what the business needs or hits the bottom line the wrong way.

Source: Computing World 

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