Natural health entrepreneur Natasha Berman wanted to overhaul, update and extend the functionality of the unique Allergenics testing system. The existing bespoke software system, a web application built from scratch several years ago, needed a substantial upgrade to support ongoing business growth. After a personal recommendation, Natasha called on Endev to manage the software development.

Endev solution:

Endev re-engineered the system for Allergenics, extending the current functionality and making it faster and easier to use.


Endev’s bespoke IT development enables the Allergenics team to manage testing for clients more efficiently. The fast, efficient system makes it easier to find clients and their test records. And easier to manage the data. Invoices are automatically generated for third parties enabling efficient growth, reducing paperwork and the risk of billing errors.


"Working with Endev was great. They listened to what we needed and spoke in a language we could understand. With Endev, I got a practical, affordable system that will help me grow the business substantially."
Natasha Berman
Managing Director, Allergenics

More info:

You can learn more about Allergenics and commission your own allergy test at Please note that this site was not developed by Endev. We developed a secure private web application for Allergenics that is not publicly available. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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