Contact was designed to allow contact centres to introduce SMS, email and fax communication management into existing call centre processes.

Datasquirt developed a prototype (proof of concept) version of Contact which needed to be transformed into a commercially viable software product.

Endev solution:

Endev were able to help the Datasquirt team convert their prototype into a highly successful commercial product. We worked closely with their developers on the architectural design, the user-interface, the scalability and the stability of the software.

The result is a highly stable and scalable web-based system that makes it easy for call centres to manage contacts by SMS, fax and email. This includes provision of queuing, automated responses and full reporting.


Being entirely web-based Contact is quick and easy for call centres to implement with no disruption to current systems.

Datasquirt have found Contact to be highly popular in the market, winning a TUANZ innovation award in 2005. Its users include:

More info:

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