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Kroma Colour Prints are the largest photo finishing company in New Zealand. They supply retail outlets with photo printing and photo gift products and operate two online brands, direct to consumer; and

Kroma’s online photo-processing service was operating on a third party platform, hosted in Canada. This meant that Kroma had no control of the technology underpinning their business and were restricted to a fixed feature set. Furthermore, payments had to be processed manually. When the software vendor decided it would no longer support the system, Kroma had an opportunity to build something better.

Endev solution:

Kroma commissioned Endev to create a new online e-commerce system especially for them.

As well as replicating the current functionality, Endev worked with the web design company, Terabyte, and the client to improve Kroma’s customer service. The new system had to integrate sales of cameras and accessories with orders for prints, something that had previously required two orders. It also had to support both the retail and online businesses.

Working to an extremely tight, business-critical deadline, Endev created an end-to-end image handling system. Customers upload images and choose paper type, cropping, borders and a full range of print sizes, including specialised large format prints. They can also order personalised photo gifts where the customer’s photo is previewed on the product at the time of ordering, providing a compelling interactive purchase experience. Transactions are handled through a real time payment interface and the system generates electronic invoices. Kroma’s lab operators use an Endev built application that is synchronised with the website and moves orders directly into the lab workflow. It prints lab job sheets and address labels, providing a highly automated order management solution.

As well as servicing the general public, the system allows Kroma to efficiently service its network of retailer clients, directing print orders to retails for customer pickup and integrating with in-house billing systems.


Having a system built specially for them by Endev, meant Kroma could get exactly what they wanted. The system was fully tailored for Kroma’s product offering and to tie in with Kroma’s business back-end.

Endev’s solution has futureproofed Kroma’s business and provided significant improvements in customer service. Kroma’s cash management has been improved because payments are now taken in real time at the point of order, eliminating the time involved with manually batch processing payments and dealing with failed transactions. By providing a reliable, streamlined system, integrated with the business, Endev has created a solution that works perfectly for retail clients, online customers and Kroma.

"Offering an efficient photo commerce service presents many technical challenges. Endev have some highly skilled people and successfully delivered a very complex system for us in a rather short time frame. The platform they built performs well and Endev are always quick to respond when we need them."
Phil Horn
E-commerce Manager, Kroma Colour Prints Ltd

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