Creating an online banking-style system for new business ETX to help businesses reduce the cost and risk of meeting their provisional tax requirements.

The founder of the Electronic Tax Exchange (ETX), needed an online solution that would manage and maintain client and transactional data for businesses registering with their new provisional tax pooling service. Determined to take advantage of the opportunity presented by new tax pooling legislation Anaru Timutimu needed a software solution he could depend on to launch his service. It had to be secure, accessible, easy to use and meet the requirements of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and his corporate trustee, Public Trust.

The ETX service enables businesses to reduce the 'penalty' interest paid on unexpectedly large provisional tax bills and to earn better interest on surplus provisional tax payments. ETX required a system to enable: payments to be tracked and managed, clients to have visibility of their details and transactions, interfaces with banking systems, tax trades to be facilitated, and payments to be reconciled with IRD systems.

Endev solution:

Having found other potential providers too expensive or unresponsive, ETX selected Endev to develop ETX Online. Working closely with the business owner, Endev used ASP.Net to create an online banking-style system for ETX that creates a ledger, manages deposits and withdrawals and is fully secure.

Clients can make tax payments into the pool at anytime, via a Public Trust account with the Bank of New Zealand, and deposits are shown as line items in each client’s individual ETX Online account statement.

Clients are able to use ETX Online to transfer tax payments to their individual IRD account at any time. Excess funds can be left in the pool to be applied against future provisional tax bills, can be transferred to related entities, or can be sold on to other tax pool members. Clients are sent confirmation e-mails when transfers have been processed and can view the transfer status in real time, anytime. Clients can also request a refund of overpayments at any time by requesting a withdrawal online. The system manages refunds to the client’s nominated bank account, along with any gross interest earned, less resident withholding tax.

The Endev system manages the financial infrastructure behind ETX, enabling the business to operate efficiently. It has been security audited and met the requirements of both Public Trust and the IRD.


Endev’s IT solution enabled the owners’ vision for ETX to be realised as an efficient business proposition. By using technology to enable the pooling and management of tax funds, Endev ensured the business would be easy for clients and management from day one. Not only does ETX Online make the operation of pooled funds manageable, it also makes it transparent to clients, essential for building trust. And Endev’s agile development philosophy has ensured ETX Online is flexible enough to accommodate future enhancements as the business grows.


"Endev have a great team that provided ETX with a cost effective IT solution quickly. Given that we are a new business and ETX Online was our largest capital cost, there is no doubt in my mind that we wouldn’t have made it to the starting line without Endev."
Anaru Timutimu
General Manager – Business Systems, ETX

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