Family Notices

Developing a highly interactive community forum which is disrupting newspaper ‘birth and death’ notices in the same way online auction sites affected classified advertising.

Family Notices are a small company with ambitious goals. Owner Greg Lawson had identified an opportunity to offer a better service to families who wanted to notify births and deaths than that offered by the newspapers. As well as making the process of notification as easy as possible, important at stressful and demanding times, the service would also create a searchable digital archive of records, making recent information available to those researching family trees or local history.

Endev solution:

Endev developed a very affordable solution for Family Notices giving a high level of easy functionality. This resulting site is a fully searchable, free notice-board for family notices of all kinds.

Users with little or no PC or Internet expertise can create their own notices quickly and easily.

Family Notices also allows users to publish tributes and to create individual or family histories. These can be updated at any time. Users can copy and paste material from their own Microsoft WordTM documents into the Family Notices site. Notices or records can be easily supplemented with images of birth certificates, death certificates and old family photographs, creating a secure archive of material, which might otherwise be lost, and making it available to others. All images can be easily captioned and credited.

This makes the site an invaluable resource for those researching family trees, creating a forum for family members to reconnect.

As well as publishing information via the site, users can choose to receive email alerts based on districts, family surnames or individual names, making it easy to stay in touch with old home districts, colleagues or family members, wherever the user is in the world. For a small fee, professionals can also use the Family Notices service. For example solicitors can put the names of their entire will-file on nation-wide watch and use Family Notices to keep up to date with their clients.


For the site to be free, it has to be easy for users, avoiding requests for help from users and resultant servicing costs. Not only did the site have to be easy for inexperienced users but also the Family Notices team had to have a flexible, non-technical interface. Endev made the functionality so easy to use the site is proving highly successful and growing rapidly without incurring customer service costs or usability issues for the owners. The superior search-ability of the content is key to the site’s success.


"The technology does exactly what I wanted it to. It gives users all the functionality they need but is totally easy so we don’t have people ringing us up with queries. We’re making ongoing improvements to the site all the time and its great to have the Endev team working with us on them."
Greg Lawson
Director, Family Archives Ltd

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