Fracture are a web design company, specialising in using Flash to deliver more value to their clients. Jasmax, a leading architecture firm wanted a new website that would set them apart.

Fracture created a concept for Jasmax in which site visitors would navigate through a series of rooms, as if moving through a building.

The extensive site would be built in Flash. It needed both a sophisticated Flash content management system and the ability to track and present users movements on screen in real time. Web application developers Endev were commissioned to provide this specialist functionality.

Endev solution:

Endev developed an innovative polling application to track user movement patterns through the site and present them graphically to other users in real time. This approach gave an efficient and robust software solution that runs very fast.

Endev also created a content management system with a fully customised admin area so Jasmax staff, with no programming skills, can easily add text and images to the Flash pages.


Endev worked in parallel with Fracture’s developers to deliver a solution in which database back-end and Flash front-end easily integrated. Site performance was impressively fast and stable. Endev delivered within budget, crucial in innovative projects. The Jasmax team have found the admin area easy and reliable to use.

Average visitor times jumped to an impressive 7.5 minutes, a significant increase from the old Jasmax site. In April 2009, Fracture won the coveted business category of the international South by South West Interactive awards for the site and software development.


"Endev did a great job and we were impressed with their work. The back-end they developed integrated with our Flash front-end really well. We are really pleased with the way the collaboration worked."
James McKee
Managing Director, Fracture Media Syndicate

More info:

You can learn more about Fracture at Fracture at www.fracture.co.nz and visit Jasmax at www.jasmax.com.

Find out more about how Endev creates commercially successful software solutions or phone us on (09) 360 0613 or use our contact us page.