It’s fair to say that repeating the same information is one of the Top Ten Most Annoying Tasks. Another is waiting when you need something straightaway. Not an ideal experience and one that LandinfoNet, a land and property information service, wanted to improve.

A key issue for LandinfoNet however was that their clients – lawyers; accountants; real estate agents etc – could require any number of searches drawing on different information, compounded by a manual process.

Far from what was currently in place, LandinfoNet wanted an experience where clients key information once; receive their reports straightaway; and have access to their account in real-time.

"Though we sometimes thought we were asking for the impossible, the Endev team made our requests a reality,”
Janelle Weir, General Manager LandinfoNet.

The steps forward:

Today, LandinfoNet clients enjoy a very different experience, including:

“At the start of the IT development project we knew we wanted a reliable platform that would support our current activities and grow with us in the future. Endev has given us that. The automation gives our clients 100 per cent accurate information – vital to our high service standards,” says Janelle.

“With a multitude of information types, documents and requirements like interfacing with SAP Business One, achieving a seamless, error-free experience involved a multi-faceted development process,” comments Patrick.

“Automation and clever database interaction can reduce internal costs and provide unparalleled service. The LandinfoNet solution is a great example.”


More info:

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