Providing a fully functioning festival website with online electronic ticketing as a sponsorship for the Parihaka Peace Festival, giving the festival better cash-flows and reducing costs for ticket-buyers.

The Parihaka Management Trust is the charity that administers the Parihaka International Peace Festival held every January at Parihaka Pa in South Taranaki. The Trust wanted to allow festival-goers to book tickets online but also wanted the cash from ticket sales to reach the festival bank accounts straight away. Their previous supplier held ticket revenues until the event and charged booking fees and delivery costs that added significantly to the cost for ticket buyers.

Endev solution:

Endev founder, Patrick Moore, is a Parihaka man and proud of his whakapapa and the peace festival. He was delighted to be able to sponsor the festival by creating a system for Parihaka that lets festival-goers buy their tickets online and print out an e-ticket. As well as the secure electronic ticketing system, Endev created a bar-code scanning system to improve at-gate security, provided an online survey tool and an online store for merchandise, as well as a new website. Endev host the webservices for Parihaka.


The new system worked perfectly the first time it was used for the Parihaka festival in 2007. Over 2000 online bookings were made, without problem, and visitors got into the festival quickly and efficiently. The operation of ticket and at-gate systems should be transparent and simple for visitors but cause tremendous upset when they go wrong. Endev got it very right. The new system saves everyone time and keeps costs right down for both the festival and the attendees. Parihaka 2007 received rave reviews and the system will be deployed on an ongoing basis by the annual event.

"The site as you have developed it places Parihaka in a high profile and very cutting edge place in terms of our vision, which we know you share."
Te Miringa Hohaia, Director
Parihaka International Peace Festival
"Endev is all about developing software people can rely on. It was great to be able to support Parihaka by providing a new website and the online system for the Festival. We were able to build a system that was easy to use and totally dependable."
Patrick Moore

Patrick's contribution went beyond just providing the software - if you went to the festival you might well have had your ticket scanned by him, wielding a bar-code reader, at the gate!

More info:

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