Smart Box

Creating a custom, web-based application to allow a truly innovative storage business to improve their end-to-end service and grow their business.

Smartbox are an innovative new player in the self-storage sector in NZ, driving revolutionary change with their custom designed mobile storage units that go directly to the customer. Developed specifically for the NZ market by entrepreneurs Jonelle and Steve Phillips, the unique ‘Smartboxes’ are delivered to the customers’ premises and left on-site for up to two days where they can be packed at their convenience. Once full, the Smartbox is then picked up and transported back to a secure central storage facility for storage. Customers can then arrange to access their units from the central storage facility or have their Smartbox redelivered back to them in their own time.

Having successfully launched in 2006, Smartbox was growing fast and ready to expand beyond Auckland. The owners had investigated storage system software from overseas and not found anything that would meet their needs or give them the intellectual property ownership they were looking for. So Smartbox commissioned Endev to build a system specifically for them.

Endev solution:

Working to the client’s initial business specification, Endev undertook system design and planning to develop a prototype. Once approved, the whole project could then be priced based on the functionality required. Development itself progressed using iterative releases to help ensure everything stayed on track.

The result is a sophisticated back-end system that allows the client to access customer details in real time and to manage the delivery, collection and storage of thousands of storage units across multiple locations. Fully web-based to meet the client’s need for flexibility.


Smartbox now have a single view of every customer record so their customer service team can quickly and easily access details on the customer’s storage booking and contract and locate their boxes within the warehouse. This has speeded up customer service and reduced double-handling of service requests, improving the efficiency of the business.

The highly affordable, customised solution has given Smartbox the ability to expand their business by making the operation fully scaleable across new branches and locations, whilst retaining centralised management functionality for the owners. And by investing in their own proprietary IT system the owners have grown the value of the Smartbox business.

"We wanted a system we could own and, as there was no standard software on the market we could purchase, we went for custom built software. With Endev we got exactly what we wanted. The web-based system they've built for us will let us expand and improve our service levels. It's also flexible enough for us to add extra enhancements as our business grows."
Jonelle Phillips

More info:

You can learn more about Smartbox at Please note that this site was not developed by Endev. We developed a secure private web application for Smartbox that is not publicly available. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

You can learn more about the Smartbox project or find out more about how Endev creates commercially successful web applications or phone us on (09) 360 0613 or use our contact us page.