Worktech’s software makes timekeeping and labour tracking easy for even the largest international organisations.

Fortune 500 companies including BP and other petrochemical companies, large Utilities and Municipalities depend on the software for their daily operations. It allows single entry and automatic collection of time and attendance and entitlement data for thousands of employees at once, by multiple users, across multiple time zones. The software offers highly flexible and customised solutions that integrate with payroll, accounting, Resource Planning, Maintenance, Asset Management, HR, and other enterprise systems.

Worktech wanted to be able to offer their clients an advanced, web-based version of their software but didn’t have the sufficient expertise inside their current development team. They approached Endev, as .Net experts, to help.

Endev solution:

Endev worked with Worktech’s lead software architect to deliver a highly successful migration of this complex, established software to a more advanced and robust web environment. Endev were able to work with the Worktech team to improve the speed and stability of the new system. They also shared their knowledge and expertise with the WorkTech developers so WorkTech’s in-house expertise grew.

By applying their expertise, Endev ensured the new web-based version of the software runs smoothly and offers similar functionality to the client server based versions. Recently, they also partnered to deliver a new web-user interface for WorkTech, making it easier and less costly to add new user-screens to the system as further enhancements are made.


With some of the largest companies with the most complex business rules and validation requirements in the world depending on Worktech for reliable time tracking, Worktech were able to rely on the Endev developers to produce quality software, on time. With Endev’s help, Worktech have been able to take their business to the next level. The change has enabled them to improve their reputation for innovation and increased their competitiveness in the market. Work is now underway, with Endev’s help, to create web-based versions of all Worktech software.

"Endev is an exceptionally valuable, trusted and cost effective partner in our continual software development and extension process. Their technical programming and methodology expertise greatly extends our capabilities. Endev continues to provide creative solutions based upon their broad-based knowledge and understanding of the desired results."
Jack Hall
CEO, Worktech
It was a pleasure working with highly motivated and capable people to get this going.
JanJaap Appels
IT Manager, Worktech

You can learn more about Worktech at Please note that this site was not developed by Endev. We developed secure private web applications for Worktech that are not publicly available. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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